What’s STEADY Academy?

Founded in 1998, in Chapel Hill, NC, after competing and coaching collegiately at the NCAA Division I level, STEADY became a calling for me to use soccer to empower girls to develop their unique gifts and confidence in realizing their goals and dreams. Twenty-three years, four children, and a pandemic later, I can see no more important time than now to empower girls in developing skills and connections that will positively impact them for a lifetime!


We empower female soccer players to unlock their full potential on & off the field


  • We believe that every girl has gifts that, well developed, empower her to uniquely impact the game of soccer and life.
  • We believe that when encouraged, every girl has the strength to make positive choices in her life!
  • We believe that in every girl there is leadership!
  • We believe that every girl deserves to be believed in and supported!
  • We believe that every girl needs a pack- STEADY is our pack!

The purpose of the STEADY programs is to build in each young woman a skillset that they can take with them and apply successfully- both on the field and in life. For some of you, the STEADY Player Development Framework may help you achieve your goals of becoming a collegiate student-athlete and earning your degree. But for all, STEADY is a plan for personal development that will teach you to teach yourself about living a confident, successful, self-disciplined and healthy lifestyle through participation in the beautiful game of soccer!  

 “Give a person a fish and s/he can eat for a day, teach a person to fish and s/he can eat for a lifetime.”

Thank you for your time and commitment to yourself, or your daughter, your future, and thank you for allowing us, at STEADY, to forever become an extended part of your family!

All the best in soccer and in life,

Nora Maguire White, Founder & CEO, STEADY 

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